Textile Designer

Static Perspective


“[Our] brains are trained to see volume in a flat sketch or to discern structure within volume. 
This is how a more imaginative world will develop, one that offers supple and flowing experiences, a world where the eye and the mind scan images in search of a reality to be found in a two-and-a-half dimension, accumulating layers of two-dimensional matter to produce the illusion of three”
        -   Lidewij Edelkoort on the Pop-Up Generation

Static Perspective is a mini interiors collection that draws inspiration from and comments on Lidewij Edelkoort’s Pop-Up Generation trend of working with and between dimensions, with aesthetic influences and the plant subject matter drawn from the 1950s. This collection plays with the multi dimensional dialog that occurs when designing two dimensional pattern and the ways these patterns can be interpreted through a three dimensional process. 

website embroidery copy1.jpg

Perspective is an embroidered fabric room divider that plays with concepts of perspective and dimensions through a 3D/2D/3D methodology, flattening the corrugated leaves of the ripple peperomia plant and building them back up again. Using transparent matte TPU plastic as a base and embroidering into it, this is a textile that changes depending on the perspective of the viewer and the conditions of the environment, mimicking and capturing the properties of the ripple peperomia.


Static is a conventional wallpaper exploring the multi dimensional dialog that occurs when designing for the second dimension. Three dimensional plants are flattened into two dimensional cross sections which are in turn overlaid and offset to create a static outline reminiscent of plants trembling in the wind. In this way the eye is tricked into seeing the fourth dimension.