Textile Designer




Panic is a digitally printed textile collection exploring what it's like to live with anxiety or phobias, with the intention of raising awareness and increasing empathy towards people with these conditions. Panic explores and depicts both physical and mental symptoms such as vertigo, tremors, depersonalisation and derealisation in it's imagery. It also depicts the chaotic and disruptive impacts anxiety and phobias can have on day to day life through repeat pattern composition.


Left - 144cm square repeat exploring the triggers and effects of social anxiety, working in a large scale and repeat to overwhelm the viewer.
Top & middle right - 52cm square repeats exploring some physical symptoms of social anxiety including tremors and perspiration, with a focus on hands due to the subconscious way we use them to communicate.
Bottom right - 52cm square repeat using undulating stripes to explore the disruptive nature anxiety and phobias have on day to day life.